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Financial safety

Dear clients and partners! In this section some ways of the computer fraud are described. Having looked through it you will be able to warn yourself against such cases, saving your means and privacy.  

Viruses  – are computer programs or a code, whose distinguish feature is self-propagation. Viruses can carry out arbitrary actions without your knowledge, for instance, read a data from infected computers, and steal confidential data for the purpose of its further employment criminally. 
Keylogger – is a kind of malicious software which records all operations on the computer and sends this data to fraudsters. In such way the computer fraud get passwords, logins and web sites where these passwords and logins were entered.
These are anti-virus programs that will help to identify viruses and other malicious software.
The symptoms of the infection by the malicious software:
Go-slow of the computer;
Increase of the Internet traffic;
Internet works slowly;
Many useless files and folders have appeared.
For the security of your computer it takes only to install anti-virus software or to use a comprehensive computer protection (firewall).
Products which will help you to deal with the malicious software: Kaspersky Internet Security, Norton Internet Security, Norton Antivirus, NOD32.
Phishing (from “fishing”) – is a kind of computer-fraud the purpose of which is the access to the confidential data of users – logins, passwords, PIN.
The fraudsters send messages in the name of the company with the request to send a login, a password or to authorize you repeatedly, for instance, for the confirmation of the registration, for the renewal of the database of the company. They give the link of the site which visually resembles the site of the company and then they use different psychological tampering for the purpose of the getting of the user’s login and password.
Remember, that the company never asks its customers personal data, such as login and password, by the e-mail. 
Pay attention to the link in the letter.
The right address of the company’s site is: 
Invalid addresses are: http://fx-privat.com
The right address of the Personal office of the company is: 
Invalid addresses are:,
When detecting the suspicious letter, please, inform the department of the customer support without delay: support @
Check attentively the address of the site which you are asked to visit in the suspicious letter. Try always checking the address of the Personal office (the right address is 
Refrain from the answering the letter which are suspicious on your opinion.